Avoiding These Easy Fixes? You Could Get Stopped By a Cop!

Here at Ray Catena Maserati, we don't know anyone that enjoys being pulled over by the police. Let's face it – when driving a sports car as stylish and dynamic as a Maserati, you may be seen as someone who enjoys what you might call high-octane driving. (There's also a chance you'll get pulled over just because an officer wants to ask you about your real-time 0-60 run...)

In all seriousness, it's important to follow the rules of the road, and to be diligent about vehicle repairs. Doing some of the following things could prevent you…

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In Need of Brake Service Soon? Rely on Ray Catena Maserati!


Think It's Time To Have Your Brakes Inspected?

If you're not sure if your Maserati requires brake service, here are some signs that point to yes.

  • Squealing or groaning when you stop your vehicle
  • A mushy brake pedal or prolonged stopping time/distance
  • Shaking or shuddering experienced upon stopping
  • Your Maserati's ABS or Brake Light is illuminated


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Introducing the Maserati Levante GTS Luxury SUV

If the world of luxury motoring beckons, but all your options are starting to blend together, and you're not sure where to look next, look no further than the new forthcoming Maserati Levante GTS, and us here at Ray Catena Maserati! The all-new Levante GTS is set to hit showrooms such as…

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Enhance the Excitement of Traveling with a Maserati


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Taking road trips is not a uniquely American pastime. People all across the world enjoy hopping in the car, hitting the road, and experiencing the ensuing sense of wonder and awe that so often comes with travelling by car, truck, or SUV. Still, here in the U.S., we have so many wonders to experience – and now, during the summer, it's the perfect time to experience them!


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Experience the Sensory Bliss of a Maserati Interior

Stop what you're doing for a moment and revel in the sumptuous interior of the Maserati Levante, pictured above. Like the Quattroporte, the Ghibli, and the GranTurismo, the Maserati Levante features one of the most luxurious cabins of any car on the road today. Boasting fine leather or Ermegildo Silk upholstery, modern infotainment tech, and ample soft-touch materials - not to mention unique touches like open-pore wood and Maserati logos clearly present in the headrests to remind you just what you're driving - the Maserati Levante is truly the "Maserati of SUVs" in so many ways.


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Capability and Comfort: Have Them Both with a new Maserati Levante

Who said that a new SUV can't be both supremely comfortable and extremely capable? It certainly wasn't us here at Ray Catena Maserati! In fact, we want to dispel the oft-misappropriated notion that an SUV has to be either rugged, or refined; luxurious or off-road-ready. The class-defying Maserati Levante proves that an SUV can boast both superior off-road prowess and the ultimate in comfort and convenience features.

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Spring Means It's Time for a Maserati Convertible

Here in the Oakhurst area, spring is in full-swing. With temperatures approaching 70 on a more frequent basis, you're likely itching to visit your favorite places and increasingly enjoy the outdoors. From taking walks on Ocean Grove Beach to visiting the Monmouth Park Racetrack and more, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the warming weather in time for Spring and heading towards summer. We can think of another: driving a Maserati GranTurismo Convertible.


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Learn About the Maserati Trident

Nearly a century ago, the Maserati brothers decided to take up a logo for their automobiles that would reflect both the power and prestige of their vehicles and their Italian Heritage. After scouring land, air, and sea for inspiration, a decision was finally made. The Maserati logo would be a trident. Dubbed the Saetta logo, this trident now graces the hood of modern Maserati models like the Ghibli and Levante. But what does it mean, and from whence did it originate?


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New Maserati Levante Trofeo Bows


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Introducing the newest addition to the Maserati family of luxury vehicles; introducing the new Maserati Levante Trofeo.

The Maserati Levante Trofeo proves itself to be a triumph in sculptural, dynamic design as well as highbrow performance. This Maserati model, recently unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, is making a splash among Maserati fans and sports car enthusiasts alike...

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