VIP Treatment Awaits You at Our Maserati Dealership & Service Center in Oakhurst

Looking for a VIP service experience? At the Ray Catena Maserati service center, we offer VIP delivery and service, ensuring that whether you're taking delivery of a new vehicle or your current car experiences issues or requires routine maintenance, you're well taken-care-of by us.

What Is VIP Service?

VIP Service is a special complimentary service we provide that not all dealerships do. If your Maserati requires repairs, whether it's running and you just have a busy schedule, or it isn't turning over and needs to be towed, we'll have a flatbed come pick it up for service and drop it off when completed.

What Is VIP Delivery?

VIP Delivery is similar to VIP service, in that when you take delivery of a new or quality pre-owned Maserati from us, you can have it delivered straight to your garage door or driveway be choosing VIP delivery instead of picking up your car in-person.

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Still curious about your service options or new vehicle buying and leasing options here at Ray Catena Maserati in Oakhurst NJ? Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions; we'll be more than happy to further assist you!

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