Introducing Maserati's Forthcoming Electrified Lineup

Looking for a new vehicle to add more excitement to every drive you take in and around Oakhurst? We recently reminded you of Maserati's racing heritage. But now, we want to draw your attention in a new direction: the future. Because as of today, September 26, 2019, Maserati has just unveiled big, bold plans to release an all-new electrified lineup of vehicles.

Explore New Maserati Hybrid and EV Models

Maserati plans to release a lineup of all-electric models and hybrids, starting with the new 2020 Maserati Ghibli Hybrid. All new models will be made in Italy. Electric models promise similar driving dynamics to current Maserati exotics, along with next-gen batteries, new driving modes, ultra-fast charging, and much more.

Discover New Maserati Semi-Autonomous Driving Technologies

In addition to a range of new hybrids and EVs, Maserati also plans to release a range of new tiered semi-autonomous driving technologies. Level 2 advanced highway assist technology starts things off, while Level 3 semi-autonomous capability will allow for hands-off driving capability.

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Want to learn more about current and new Maserati innovation? Keep up with new Maserati news and don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the Maserati lineup!

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