Making Sure Your Car's Battery Is Working Well


Why make sure your Maserati's battery works well? Your car's battery serves several functions. It provides the power required to start your vehicle up, for one thing, helping you get going. It also can help power accessories. Thus, not having a battery with enough voltage can create issues for you. Make sure your battery is functioning at full capacity by booking a battery health inspection appointment with us here at the Ray Catena Maserati service center!

Other Services We Provide

While you bring your vehicle into us for battery diagnostics, we're happy to help check over other important vehicle components like your brakes, your tires, your oil, or just about anything else! Here at the Ray Catena Maserati service center, it's our primary pleasure to provide top-quality automotive service, repairs, and advice to customers throughout Oakhurst and beyond.

Schedule Service

If you're in need of battery service or any other kind of maintenance, we encourage you to get in touch with us today to schedule service!

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