We're Green With Envy Over This Maserati

Here at Ray Catena Maserati, we see new Maserati vehicles on a daily basis. Yet there's still something so alluring about the Italian style that each new Maserati manages to capture. But no new Maserati can quite compare to the vehicle pictured above – a 1929 Maserati Tipo V4. We're positively green with envy over this verdant vintage car!

More About the Maserati Tipo V4

The Maserati Tipo V4 was a Maserati racing car with 16 cylinders manufactured beginning in 1929 by ingeniously combining two pre-existing 8-cylinder Maserati engines with several upgrades and customizations. It would eventually go on to premier at the Italian Grand Prix, weighing 2,250 pounds and reaching a record setting 124 mph lap. In its day, it was one of the fastest vehicles available, with one example even being owned by the Italian Pope's personal physician for a time.

Experience Current Maserati Innovation In Action

The Maserati Tipo V4 may not be record-setting by today's standards – the current Maserati Ghibli S, for instance, can reach up to around 178 mph – but it is proof positive that Maserati has long been innovative about engineering fast cars that provide superior capability. Want to experience what one of today's fastest new Maserati models can make you feel? Come for a test-drive in one of our Maserati cars or SUVs today here at Ray Catena Maserati in Oakhurst!

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