Should I Lease or Buy My Next Maserati?

So you want a new Maserati. Is it better for you to buy or lease? The answer depends on what you want. Here are some advantages to both buying and leasing.

Benefits of Leasing Your Next Maserati

Leasing your next Maserati can help you save money monthly. It can also give you access to the latest infotainment technologies, safety features and luxuries. What's more, because most leases last about 2-3 years, when you lease, chances are you'll always be driving in a relatively new vehicle. And that also means your chances of needing to complete even minor maintenance, let alone major service & repairs, is less likely than when you buy a vehicle.

Benefits of Buying Your Next Maserati

Purchasing a Maserati – or any vehicle for that matter, lets you own it outright once your payments end. The duration of time you pay payments is, of course, dependent upon how long you spread out your loan. If you spread it out over less time, your vehicle will be paid off faster. But it also will mean you'll pay higher on a monthly basis. What's more, when you purchase your vehicle, you'll be responsible for any and all maintenance costs once your vehicle is out-of-warranty.

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