Technology, Premium Materials, and Grand Space: Explore the Maserati Quattroporte

There might have once been a time when a luxury vehicle meant a vehicle with soft leather, a larger engine than most of the competition, and a sleek design. Vehicles with leather and a sunroof, and maybe a hi-fi set of speakers qualified for the designation "luxurious".

Today's luxury cars are so much more than plush machines. They're expected to be distinct from their more proletariat automotive kin, thanks to high quality leather, premium trims, and artful design, sure. But they also must now include the latest in-car infotainment technology for hooking up your smartphone. They should have features like massaging seats to help soothe that ache in your lower back. They should include the latest advanced active safety features. They should respond to your every command. And of course, they should do all the above, while focusing on the finest of details.

Take a look at the Maserati Quattroporte interior pictured above. You'll note the premium leather upholstery and woodgrain trim; the large modern touchscreen infotainment stack, and the smaller touches, like the premium finish on the glove compartment door handle, or the Maserati trident on the gearshift. Have you had a good look? That's what true luxury looks like. Now, to find out what it feels like for yourself, visit us today here at Ray Catena Maserati!

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