Learn About the Maserati Trident

Nearly a century ago, the Maserati brothers decided to take up a logo for their automobiles that would reflect both the power and prestige of their vehicles and their Italian Heritage. After scouring land, air, and sea for inspiration, a decision was finally made. The Maserati logo would be a trident. Dubbed the Saetta logo, this trident now graces the hood of modern Maserati models like the Ghibli and Levante. But what does it mean, and from whence did it originate?

The Maserati Saetta Logo

The Maserati trident emblem was purportedly inspired directly by the Statue of Neptune or the Fontana de Nettuno. This statue, located in the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy, is located close to where Maserati originated. Thus, it provided the necessary link to Maserati's foundations in Italy that the Maserati brothers were searching for. Plus, the trident is, of course, a symbol of great power - having been commanded by Neptune - the mythical god of the sea himself.

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