Enhance the Excitement of Traveling with a Maserati


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Taking road trips is not a uniquely American pastime. People all across the world enjoy hopping in the car, hitting the road, and experiencing the ensuing sense of wonder and awe that so often comes with travelling by car, truck, or SUV. Still, here in the U.S., we have so many wonders to experience – and now, during the summer, it's the perfect time to experience them!

From Oakhurst, NJ to Stone Harbor to Cape Cod all the way out to the Redwood Forest, and back through the Great Plains and beyond, there are so many unique spots that are worth taking a road trip to visit this summer. Whether alone, or together with family or friends, now is the perfect time to get up and go. And we can't think of a better vehicle to enhance a road trip with than a Maserati. The Levante, pictured above, makes an especially ideal road trip companion, thanks to standard all-wheel-drive, a capacious cargo area, plenty of space for up to five passengers, not to mention a level of handling, power and refinement you can only find in a Maserati.

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