In Need of Brake Service Soon? Rely on Ray Catena Maserati!

Here at the Ray Catena Maserati Service Center, we're here to help you keep your Maserati – whether you drive a GranTurismo, Levante, Quattroporte, Ghibli, or other model – in tip-top mechanical shape! We're well-versed in the nuts and bolts of each and every Maserati model, and are well-attuned to the maintenance needs of them all, including brake service.

Think It's Time To Have Your Brakes Inspected?

If you're not sure if your Maserati requires brake service, here are some signs that point to yes.

  • Squealing or groaning when you stop your vehicle
  • A mushy brake pedal or prolonged stopping time/distance
  • Shaking or shuddering experienced upon stopping
  • Your Maserati's ABS or Brake Light is illuminated

Contact Us To Book Your Next Brake Service Appointment

Not sure whether or not your Maserati requires mechanical attention? Whether its brakes, or something else like an oil change or tire rotation, our service technicians are here to help you get your vehicle back into good working condition sometime soon! To schedule Maserati service today, use our

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